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C.F.Hansen, royal Danish government builder in Copenhagen

The castle is sold

For over 200 years the castle was the seat of the royal administrator of Reinbek, which was a third of today's county of Stormarn. At the beginning of the 19th century officials in Copenhagen thought about pulling down the building due to the unrealistic financial aspects relating to repairs for their administrator's official residence. It was the government builder C.F. Hansen's substantiated report which prevented demolition.


As part of von Bismark's strive for German unification, Schleswig-Holstein became a Prussian province in 1867. The legislative body was moved and the castle was sold in 1874. First it was used as a hotel, then as a Christian recreation home until the Hanseatic city of Hamburg purchased the castle in 1939. The Institute for Foreign and Colonial Forestry moved in. In 1972 the town of Reinbek and the county of Stormarn eventually purchased the entire area.